The Paper Factory in Fuzfo was founded in 1928, when the production of paper started with one single machine and a staff of 200 people. Soon after that it became quite obvious that the machines, even if they were considered to be really modern at the time, were not able to fulfil the fast increasing demands of the market. A further extension of the factory seemed inevitable.

In 1935 the installation of the second paper manufacturing machine began. The paper produced finally appeared in two different forms: in reams and reels and it represented top quality.

The post-war period (ie, after World war II.) brought about a completely different situation for the paper industry and some other sectors of industry, too. Paper industry was never considered to be a strategic sector, consequently no significant development took place in Fuzfo until 1960.

As a result of the mergers of several paper production sites, the Paper Industrial Company was established in 1963, which made it possible for some ambitious plans to come true in Fuzfo. Several reconstructions, improvements and developments took place: Fuzfo Paper Factory thus became an important basis of paper production in Hungary and this also the year when the production of exercise-books started.

With the different processed paper products the main goal was to improve their esthetic layout and also to widen the range of assortments.

From 1970 on considerable new improvements came about: new material handling equipment was acquired, a modern plant for the preparation of raw materials was built and high-performance roll- and sheet- cutting machines were installed. Furthermore, an automatic exercise- and spiral bound book processing facility was set up in a new plant.

The headcount of employees reached its peak with more than 1000 people at the time.

From the beginning of 1990’s the developments continued: the production of envelopes started, for the book covers the Offset-printing technology was introduced, a new processing machine was set up for packaging copy-papers. Also, the paper processing machines were provided with an improved version of folding control systems as well as with a computerized process control system.

The factory was privatised in 1993 through “internal purchase”. The majority ownership was obtained by the top management, but each employee received shares of the new company. The factory operated as a joint-stock company under the name of Fuzfo Paper Co. The operational procedures became very flexible – as opposed to those of the previous rigid frameworks of a large industrial company - as all the decisions could be made on the spot.

The developments still continued, first of all in the field of paper processing. The machine pool was enriched by machines, which were second-hand ones yet had excellent technical parameters. These machines were used in the production of envelopes, stapled and spiral bound books.

In 1995 due to an unexpected accident ending with death, there was a change in the top management.

The management of the factory, to mitigate the lack-of-capital problems, introduced the Co. to the Stock Exchange. The structure of ownership was gradually changing and ended with a majority ownership in one hand. As a result of negative influences and impacts of the market, the company’s situation was becoming more and more difficult and eventually, the Co. left the Stock Exchange. The owner decided to sell the company. The new owners, however, were also unable to handle the difficult situation: the production kept stopping due to lack of raw material and the company went bankrupt in the autumn of 2000. In 2001 the liquidation procedure started, but fortunately, most of the employees remained with the company during this difficult period, and the factory was eventually bought in March 2001.

The production started under the supervision of managers commissioned by the new owners in May 2001.

With the middle management being unchanged, the position of the company consolidated. It managed to reconquer its previously lost positions in the market, however, the negative opinions and prejudice triggered by the events during the previous years caused a lot of disadvantages.

The external circumstances were still worsening and in October 2007 the production stopped and the liquidation procedure started again and it is still going on.

In the liquidation procedure two separate and registered companies are concerned – due to structural changes previously realized -: Hazai Papir Kft. (Domestic Paper Ltd.) with regards to paper production and Fuzfoi Papirfeldolgozo Kft. (Fuzfo Paper Processing Ltd.) with regards to paper processing.

In this situation, at the beginning of 2008 Fuzfoi Papirmanufaktura Kft. (Fuzfo Paper Manufacturer Ltd.) was founded in order to continue paper processing. Even at the end of the first year of our existence we proved to be really successful. With the aim of mitigating the lack of capital, we found an investor-expert with excellent knowledge of the market and experience in commerce. Due to him we have been able to expand our company. In 2009 we were back at the domestic market again with an extensive capacity in manufacturing and trade and in addition to these with high ambitions in the field of export.

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